Environment and Certifications

Environment and Certifications

We take responsibility for the environment

Our Certifications

The whole of our operation at SabaFruit is permeated by fundamental environmental and quality awareness. This means that we can offer fresh, delicious and nutritious products, but also that we take responsibility for our environment and our employees. We comply with several international standards and hold KRAV and IP Livsmedel certification. Within SabaFruit we are also constantly working on improvement measures in accordance with the Lean concept.

KRAV certified

We are KRAV certified. The KRAV label is Sweden’s best-known eco-labelling system for food, based on organic grounds with specific high demands relating to animal care, health, social responsibility and climate impact.

IP Livsmedel certified

We are IP Livsmedel certified. IP Livsmedel is a basic certification system within the IP standard and includes requirements based on food legislation applicable to food safety and traceability, among other factors. Companies certified according to IP Livsmedel have a comprehensive quality assurance programme.


CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and describes a company’s responsibilities from a social, ethical and environmental perspective. Taking responsibility for both the environment and the people we work with is self-evident for us, and we work actively on issues such as social responsibility, human rights and quality and environmental work.


Fairtrade Labelling Organizations (FLO) is an international organisation that oversees ethical and social conditions with a focus on human rights. FLO ensures, for example, that the growers are fairly paid by setting a minimum price for the products they sell.


We aim to follow the guidelines of GLOBALGAP and EUROGAP regarding responsible farming methods, food safety and environmental considerations globally and in Europe. GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practices.

IP Working Conditions Certified

We are IP Working Conditions Certified. IP Working Conditions is a certification for quality assurance of good work with working conditions, work environment and social responsibility.